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                                                                      THIS IS UNO

Ottawa's Latin, Pop and Rock Band

UNO is the only band in the capital region of Canada that offers the widest spectrum of live music. The rhythms of Latin music, the party, and the dance are what we are. We are also Rock in Spanish and English.

                                             Dare to try it!

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the band

The concept of UNO was created in April 2016 by Androcles (Andro), a Venezuelan singer who chose in 2007 the city of Ottawa as his new home.

In its beginnings, it was conformed by Polish guitarist Greg Szepietowski, (Who is still around), the Juno award winner Angel Araos from Chile, and the Brazilian bassist, pianist and composer Sylvio Modolo completing so, this brotherhood of four guys, four dreamers.


Time goes by and the project has grown.


Today we have a new drummer coming from the United States, The Maestro Rafael de Los Reyes and a new guitarist, the Mexican Israel Martinez, known as "Izzy".


The list of names of collaborators that are part of the "UNO family" has also grown: Juan-Luis Vasquez Ceron from Chile, Andrew Ferderber, James Arif, Szymon A. Szańczuk from Canada and many more.

UNO is a mix of genres, although mainly Latin, it also amalgamates diverse elements of other musical styles including classic salsa with powerful chords and distorted guitar solos, as well as classic rock with elements that can range from something as simple as maracas or bongos extending to the complexity of pure jazz or even disco.

UNO Rock en Español, a special edition concert that takes place exclusively only a few times a year, marked since 2017 a before and after of how Latin music is conceived in two provinces. 

Finally, we thank all of you for your unconditional support. See you around. 







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